Pokoje Go軼inne Maria Migiel - offer

34-425 Bia造 Dunajec ul. Jana Paw豉 II 327, Private lodging
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nightly ab 12 PLN

Accommodation in Bia造 Dunajec
Pokoje Go軼inne Maria Migiel - welcome

Our Private lodging is located in Bia造 Dunajec, which belongs to the province of Ma這polskie. These are very interesting areas in different ways. We offer our guests accommodation at prices ranging from 12 zl.
Grill possible to arrange,  Parking space,  Conditions for families,  at the objects area is a lot of other facilities.
Our facility is located in an interesting area, where you can find many attractions. We encourage you to explore Bia造 Dunajec and the surrounding area, whilst enjoying our hospitality. For more information please use the contact form.
You are welcome - Pokoje Go軼inne Maria Migiel in Bia造 Dunajec.

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Pokoje Go軼inne Maria Migiel
34-425 Bia造 Dunajec ul. Jana Paw豉 II 327
Province Ma這polskie
Nightly pro person 12 - 30 PLN
See phones
On the establishments area
Grill possible to arrange
Parking space
Conditions for families
Available our Guests
Possibility of using the kitchen
Beside establishment
Bus station
Ski lift
Ancient monuments