Service has been created with the intention of helping the seekers of accommodation on the area of the whole Poland. We run three language versions what considerable facilitates  finding the proper offer for foreigners who visit Poland eager and eager. We care about easiness of using the service, our information are understandable and the service’s face friendly and clear. Revision of offers is free and it does not require registration, and adding the announcements is easy and intuitive. Users of are offered many functions which make easy finding the proper offer. With the idea of clearness and comprehensibility of our service we don’t put profitable ads which are not the announcements of accommodations.

Our priorities  are:

- satisfaction of Users of the service,

- friendly and clear appearance of the page,

- easiness in finding an interesting offer,

- placing unnecessary and irritating publicities, bills or slides, not being the accommodation announcements,

- placing the true announcements,

- continuous development and promotion of the service,

- adaptation the service to the user’s needs,

- keeping the direct contact with the users of the service,

- creation of reliable and very well-developed accommodation sector,

- gain possibly the greatest number of Users,

- international range of activity.

   Inserted offers are very readable, enclosed with photos and contact data, they are described and  indicated in respect of equipment and locality of the objects. Service offers many simple and practical facilities, using it will convince you the best. is Your accommodation sector of Poland, feel free to use it, we invite you.

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