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Are you interested in comfortable accommodation in the mountains? Or maybe you're counting on the seaside rooms cheaply and easily? Then service accommodation is the perfect place for you.

We offer a unique accommodation on the Baltic Sea. It's perfect for water sports and sunbathing ensure that our comfortable accommodation by the sea will satisfy even the most demanding. We also offer interesting rooms in the Polish mountains, where he offers a wealth of accommodation is always lively and welcoming Zakopane Karpacz. For sports fans and lovers of winter madness Polish ski jumping legend, we offer accommodation in the popular village of Wisła. For those who prefer peace and quiet and close contact with the true nature offer comfortable and cheap accommodation to Mazury.

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Katarzyna Kociuba
Province Zachodniopomorskie
Cottage Świerzno
299-399 zł/twenty-four hours
Katarzyna Kociuba
Pokoje i domki u Józka Polańczyk BIESZCZADY
Province Podkarpackie
Private lodging Polańczyk
60-70 zł/twenty-four hours
Pokoje i domki u Józka  Polańczyk BIESZCZADY - photos
Czesław Majcherczyk Pokoje Gościnne
Province Świętokrzyskie
Staff accommodation Mąchocice Kapitulne
40-60 zł/twenty-four hours
Czesław Majcherczyk Pokoje Gościnne - photos
CITY ART Apartamenty w kołobrzeskim porcie
Province Zachodniopomorskie
Apartment Kołobrzeg
139-539 zł/twenty-four hours
CITY ART Apartamenty w kołobrzeskim porcie - photos
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