holidon.pl cookies policy

Holidon.pl site uses cookies to improve service to its users, it is also necessary for certain activities. With all the web service holidon.pl agree to the use of cookies. If you do not want the service use of cookies, you should change your web browser settings, or opt out of the use of this service. Cookies we use do not introduce any changes to the configuration of your device and the software.
What are cookies?
These are small files that record on your Internet enabled device (eg computer, tablet, smartphone), when you visit a website. Most popular cookies include the website address number generated web browser, which was launched website and the cookie expiration date.
What do we use cookies?
In general, we use them to improve the quality of service. Some files are necessary to carry out activities such as registration or login to the site. The information contained in some files, cookies allow better use of the pages of the site. The information contained in the files do not use cookies for other purposes such as the user-services in the efficient operation of the Service.
Types of cookies because of the time of validity:
session - used only when using the pages of the site. They are necessary to maintain the validity of the user session after logging (so you do not have to log in each time you change pages service).
Fixed - remain in memory for a set period of storage
The main types of cookies due to their use:
necessary when using the service - used to authenticate the user
functional - easy to use service side
How do I change the settings for cookies?
Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. You can always change these settings by configuring the settings of your web browser. You should keep in mind that changing the settings on noncompliance cookies may affect the use of the Service, and in some cases even prevent the use of the service.
Thanks for your time to read our Policy cookies while we encourage you to use the service holidon.pl, which was also thinking of you.
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